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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dressed Turkey Sign

More memorabilia of past Thanksgivings. I made  series of these cut outs that sat upright, wedged in grooved hunks of 2x4s. Sold all my "smoked turkeys"- who looked a little like a hippie birds grooving on the corner of Haight and Ashbury.
This is about 16 x 12 inches cut luan. $100 (cobwebs free)

I apologize for upsetting several viewers with yesterday's image. It is an uncomfortable fact of my life on a farm. Birds are sacrificed for our meals. Many, most who live far from the farms, would prefer not to recognize it and just keep believing that food comes from stores. I think our lack of connection to the source of our food is both perverse and down right dangerous.

I am not a vegetarian. But I do concern myself with the humane treatment of animals and the respectful  cultivation of our nutritional needs. I buy free-range meats from small growers who can vouch that their animals lived stress-free and rural lives. I wish I could afford organic certified and heirloom products all the time because I worry about what I feed my sons and how the environment is protected. 

There is no getting around the fact that hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of turkeys have been slaughtered for tomorrow's meal. Thanks should be given for the abundance, and for the farmers who have worked so hard, against elements of nature and vagaries of the market, to offer something on your table. Eat up!
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