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Sunday, November 2, 2008

open STUDIO TOUR day #2

Lost my camera somewhere in the loft so no pictures to share this evening. It was a crazy day- crazy good-lots of people- even three waiting as I opened the doors, (perhaps they had not set back their clocks?). I find there are a lot of artists in these here woods- and they all want to organize and be a part of the scene next year. The local reporter came by at one point, but I was almost too busy to speak with him so I am not sure what he will be printing. Some great friends from past years showed up, and a few art moms returned with their kids in tow for inspiration. It meant a whole lot to me. The contact, the community, the next generation...
Over 80 people counted, wow- tonight I put my feet up and feel totally blessed, blissed, and exhausted.
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