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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: Contemplating family

sold- thanks gretchen!
This is a tiny painting on a wood panel- a study, from our art history, of a Degas pastel.

2.5 x 3 inches.
My boys and I are headed today to my mothers for a week of family celebrations and warm Florida light. There is something about mom that brings me back to myself. Perhaps it is the luxury of her nurturing, and the generosity of her planning, that provides me restorative moments of contemplation. I can't help doing my own inventory when faced with the history of who I have been and the lore of my youth that exists in hints throughout the furniture and fabric of the house. And my mother so cleverly spins up tales of my teenage woe for my kids sakes. Then she sends me for a pedicure or a facial, bringing memory and body together. I am certainly blessed with a large loving family!
I hope everyone can stay centered on the important big things this season. Like our connectedness, our families (traditional and not so), and love.
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