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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

8 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS:Woods with Roots

Painted in Millbrook, NY, these woods with ferns and roots were in a hiker's paradise near the Cary Arboretum. 8 x 10 panel, acrylic on canvas panel. On the back it is titled: Fern Glen. But I am, this morning, more struck by the implication and poetry of the ground and roots.
We have lost days to ill health and can hardly scurry to catch up with the holiday scramble. I am forced to do less for everyone, and take each day as a gift, finding the peace in still moments. Being sick is horrible- but it does force you to be still and give up half the trivia on your to-do list. I lay on the pillow thinking of how in the past I had gifts for my yoga teacher, the UPS man, the school secretary, the kid's bus driver... this year I haven't the time or energy to do the holidays like I would love to. I have to be still, rest, count my blessings. enjoy my rooted existence for what it is. There is always another time for gift giving- New years, Mid winter, valentines, etc... so the gift I am giving myself (and I would hope for you, the reader, too) this holiday season is the acknowledgement of the ground beneath our feet. If we could all take stock for just a moment, we might find some sanity and sweetness in the holiday schedule.
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