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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Is that me in the mansard house studio and nest?

I've been in this studio for about 14 months now. It saw me through the transition of my husband moving away and my marriage ending, my sons graduating and then moving away, my father-in-law falling ill and moving away... This series of paintings really is about taking the past year's empty nests and rooting myself in the buildings, the architecture of my neighborhood, in my studio.
Yes- I am safe at my easel, in my community, in my home.
Perhaps the image should be of a lifesaver...
In fact I DID one of a lifesaver, two years ago, in May of 2008. (Did I ever share about the two year theory to understand my art?) The motives may have been different- but looking back I am struck by the phrase I painted along the bottom of the image. It says ' women everywhere are doing it".
Lately, in a different context, that thought amazes me... I have been thinking about "divorce"- it seems so hard to go through and yet, look around! So many have done it. So it is obvious we can survive it. Now I must imagine it.[swan+song.jpg]
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