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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The local art festival

On one side I had Joan Marchell, neighbor and fellow farm painter and on the other side I had Gian Lodevole. He grew up with my son, and at one time he took a summer art class in my studio...years ago. It was great to see him work the professional art circuit.
I was so lucky to have use of Rosemary Barrett's tent and Joan Levitt's walls. Rosemary set up her sculptures in the front and together we had a fine social time of it! Another young artist helped me through out the day- Alison Carpenter.
The sales numbers were lower that hoped, but really I feel so blessed with friends, family, and fellow artists connecting, that I cannot complain one bit! Thank you for stopping by yesterday and making the day such a great time...And thank you Theresa, Brett, Cindy, Mary Anne, and Lars for trading your hard earned cash for one of my paintings. I hope they make happy homes.
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