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Monday, May 2, 2011

I Just Can't Stand White

I spent 6 hours of the sunny weekend cleaning, cutting in and painting the hallways of my house WHITE. What an atrociously boring color. It's so sterile and blank. I left the front door, with the cat mural as it is and I am loath to paint the rest of the trim, like I am supposed to, a glossy white. I have a can of cobalt blue in the wings. There was plenty of time to ponder my restless urges to rag roll or scrape or alter the surfaces in some dramatic way. I guess I never like to start with white and so many of my panels in waiting are already darkened with marks and hues...I think most artistic angst comes from facing a white surface... feeling like you have to know where and what to mark down. Starting with a color, especially an uneven color mix, makes the subject so much more likely to surface with very little effort for the artist... just look for it.

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