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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When I get rich...

I'm going to have a sculpture garden, just like my grand-daddy. I have so many sweet memories of visiting my mother's father and silently wandering across his art collection. There were giant iron sculptures on the lawn, and small glass ones in the den. Once I came across a fiberglass Humpty Dumpty perched on the rose garden wall. Many of his collection went to the Museum of Modern Art upon his death and the plantings in the MoMA sculpture garden are in his honor. Another collection of sculpture, across the country, is housed in a building in Minneapolis provided by my cousins Sage and John. There is magic and whimsy in living with sculpture.
So today I am feeling rich.
I just re-installed Johanne Renbeck's Goddess outside, though this time in a new space. She stands in my small garden outside my kitchen. She lives under the bowers of a lilac tree. When I look at her she inspires me to slow down and admire the beauty of nature.
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