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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If I could live in a diorama

I'd live at the Peabody Museum. The one in Cambridge has been my favorite since childhood tours of the dusty displays transported me to faraway places and times. Last week Michael and I went to the Peabody in New Haven- his favorite museum. Rudy Zallinger was his professor in art school. We spent hours lavishing attention to details of the great murals and displays. Perry Wilson is my new hero. He was an amazing illusionist and his work is as fresh today as it must have been in the 40's! His Northwest Connecticut diorama looks contemporary and so much like the home of my soul. The North American murals are amazing as well and I appreciated studying the Everglades and his Florida scenes. I want to paint my future bedroom ceiling to look like a tropical forest canopy. And then turquoise walls!
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