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Friday, June 24, 2011

Moving Target as a recurring theme

The beauty of getting to be a certain age is that you can start to see patterns. Or maybe I am just slow and it has taken me this long to see that what I painted years ago, I will paint again. I'll paint it now.
6 x 12 x 2 inches acrylic and collage headlines on canvas.

I am trying to get organized, to make sure everything is inventoried and signed. So I spent the day in the barn loft studio and uncovered an unsigned and unfinished piece from maybe the year 2006. I could call it Bleak Vision, like the headline in the lower left says...
It reminds me of Lydia, my hen who has been de-feathered and let loose by Bruno. Missing for the last two days, she might be naked and hiding so I whisper her name near the neighbors bushes hoping to hear her coo forth... meanwhile I carry a bucket of her orange feathers... saved for an art project? And I throw scraps of peanut butter and jelly and lettuce at the door to the coop.
I feel like a moving target as well. The lists aren't getting any shorter, but the halls are filling with boxes and bags. Progress seems painfully slow.
Another Painting- called: Issues, from 2008... begs the question:is the naked hen a recurring theme? Last night I dreamt I was unclothed and frantically trying to pack the trunk of my car with bulky fragile things like lampshades... and people were everywhere, so at the same time I am trying to hold a towel to my front for modesty's sake.
I feel tired just writing about it!
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