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Friday, November 11, 2011

What's behind the art?

Is it hot air or inspiration?
I'm going to a couple big art parties tonight and looking forward to seeing something that will be inspirational or... at least intriguing. The headlines for the weekend say "Sex, drugs and Art walks" and that makes me feel quite forelorn. Does it have to be worded so? Is it just low pandering hype? There is definitely a gallery putting on an exhibition in the design district called, something like, "sex, drugs and provacative words ". The roster includes Nan Goldin and Damien Hirst, etc., etc. Sigh.

I just finished up a sculpture assignment in my mixed media class that was the second part of a two part assignment. The first part was pure abstraction- a focus on line, plane, form... and I will share those photos soon. But the second part was abstraction of a literal motivation. Each kid was given a different word to work with. As they created their literal renditions, they were encouraged to work with an intention greater than themselves. The successful work became iconic in that it served as a doorway to inspiration rather than as an end product.
C. made a camera and inside the cardboard object she pasted quotes and images of what she wants to see in the world. M. made a bed with sewn pillows, mattress, and kitty cat. Under the springs she glued in words about her dreams. A foreign exchange student made a fish out of water to illustrate "ocean" and her place at the moment. One student was asked to illustrate God. And that is another story I'l share another time.
The point is... there is art that is inspired, and there is most of the other stuff.
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