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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Now pause for a commercial break

Enter: Miami Basel
Something about Miami says: fashion, socialite, and art equal one product.
So looking at work this weekend involved a good outfit, constant poise, a posse of friends, and often exposed eyeballs. First booth to the right of entering ArtMiami is a booth selling designer sunglasses.
Everywhere I turned there were "pop up" merchandising stores. Even, *#@! in Museums! For instance, Donna Karan has a pop up store in Miami's art Museum. Here is a list of the best of the city's pop ups this weekend.
Stuff was selling. Even paintings seem to be selling. "Who is your favorite art handler", was the talk at the parties...
I went through the exhibits kind of quietly. Glad to have a few friends with like minds and humor among them. After a while if you didn't bounce something off of another person you could forget what you had just seen. I tend to generalize unless I have the time to sit with a work of art, read about it, and study it. And I didn't really have that time. So forgive my sweeping generalities.
Sculptures were not as visible as I felt they have been in the past. A common recurring motif was the skull/bones and then books. Not book art- but books as material and as subject matter. I guess there are a lot of them going to landfills- enough that they can be cut, burned, shredded, shaved, sewn, hacked, glued, crochette, and sculpted into other objects...
Perhaps we will see Gucci embed them into his purses?
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