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Friday, December 9, 2011

Tis the begining of elfing season

Pictures of my dad's shop.
He is a major inspiration for me. Over the years I have seen him make magical gifts out of ordinary rubbish.

I don't think he believes anything is rubbish. He sees potential everywhere.
He changes the way I look at the world. And that is the greatest gift he can give anyone.

-So- it actually jolted me overThanksgiving weekend...

to see all that he is working on... a real flow of ideas and an abundance of craft.

There is a tradition in our family started by dad- of making personal handmade gifts.

Some are made with intention specific for the recipient. Most are made and given away to the next person who walks in the door.

Hes' got a line up of art objects this year that I hate to divulge, though the pictures show pretty clearly the diversity and richness of his elf shop.

It's truly only a sampling. I left out half as much. His inspiration is everywhere and completely influences my own creative practice. He nudges me to work harder, and to play more. I have to get going now on my own gifts.
Perhaps I can avoid the mall.
Thanks Dad. (ndp)
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