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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Map of my son's life (so far)

As his mother, you'd think I would know more of where he is going and who he is to be. But it is all a great mystery to me. He just turned 21 and, alas, is not comfortable in the great unknowing of it all. It pains me that I do not have words of wisdom to share. I don't know where to guide him because he may turn anything into an experience greater than I can imagine. Anything he does will be good. He learns from it all. And I am not good at understanding his quandry because I knew early in my life that I was an artist.
I had this image come to me in a dream... he was, just newly born, shot into the air and now floating through a series of open doors. A cast shadow of his man sized shape lay across the floor. The further I could see down the open doors, the more light, a bit purple haze even, obscured my view. This was all I could see.
Mixed media on paper, 10 x 11 inches
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