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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pushing Out of Comfort Zone

Ive been too worried about New Orleans and too busy at work to blog much.
 This collage, 4 x 5 inches reminds me of my little sister, who is very brave and often does things no one else would really try. Years ago, when asked how she got to be so brave, she said, "I'm scared. I'm frightened. But I do it anyway." The way to adventure and to JOY is to move past your comfort zone.
I think of all the silly things I did in college and in my twenties. Most of the craziest adventures I embarked on because I didn't think I could fail too bad. I had that youthful sense of invincibility... that life has worn away by giving me children, and the corporate news, and eyes. I'm praying my son chalks the flood waters of New Orleans as an adventure outside his comfort zone and nothing else.

There are gifts to be received taking that leap...
#27 in Series of 50 ways to Find Joy, mixed media on canvas 4 x 5 inches.
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