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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Heights and depths

I may be slow, and, thank goodness, I am starting to remember that Joy is all about the perspective. Whether looking at the big picture or isolating the details, the choice I make can shift my heart and open it to the miracle of life, love and what we all share on this beautiful planet.
So here comes the new year, 2013, and my last painting for the series of 50 Ways to Find Joy.
Actually I painted 50 and an extra- so 51 in all.
#50- my favorite view from the window seat

#51- Sea creatures, in a far away and out -of-my-comfort zone place that teams with unknown jewel like beings. I don't actually have to go there to appreciate it. Just knowing it is there, fills me with wonder and joy. Not to mention it is just fun to paint such a scene!

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