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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Devotional act

I had to rush home from work and go straight to the art table because my soul would not sit still.
My sister and her baby girl are heading to the hospital this evening and I have nothing that to do that will help them. Part of me wails and wonders about the strength or futility of prayer. I feel, deep in my roots, that intentional focus on gratitude, acceptance, and pleas for help, really do get heard. We can move energy with our love (or anger). It doesn't seem like much, or enough, but...
I can center my focus and paint with prayer in each brushstroke. The pigment blossoms and dyes the surface of the paper in an act of surrender and decision. When I paint yellow I feel as though I am wrapping my sister and my niece in a shield of love. The red paradise fruits feel organic and echo internally. The seed pod and birds hold potential for growth and magic.
I have painted a scene of local fruits and exotic birds to manifest a sweet paradise for my niece to heal back to. I will put this in the mail tomorrow.

 [ di vṓsh'n ]   
  1. committed love: deep love and commitment
  2. dedication: great dedication and loyalty
  3. enthusiasm: strong enthusiasm and admiration for somebody or something
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