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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two boys with the American flag

My baby is signed up. He's going in the army on November 4th and though I am nervous, I am also very proud of him. I just spent the last three hours with 25 students making cards for people in the armed forces. It was much more fun than I anticipated and many of the students brought their parents. We shared stories about our personal links to the military. Some served, or were married to service men, or just had family in the service.
My son feels as though it's an opportunity to be "a diplomat, a problem solver, a helper, and a leader in times of trouble; showing bravery amongst adversity".  He feels it is something he should do, and he knows it will challenge him.
I pray for him to be protected from harm. I pray this is a continuation of his unique spiritual journey.
I painted him (and his little brother and best dog) from an afternoon this summer in New Orleans. He is in the middle. The yellow light is a shield of love.

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