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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Stepping into the new year with a new mural

We have a tradition in our family of JUMPING into the new year... I remember leaping off a chair while my dad jumped off a book and my grandpapa sprung himself off a piece of tissue paper. So, it was natural for me to plan a pedicure for myself and started this mural with my partner from the feet up. It was a leap into some new material for me... the ancient art of sanskrit healing. 
Peter of the Yogawarrior studio, had asked us to add another mural to his site, this to be depictions of the energy centers, or "chakras", along our spine. "Chakra" is the sanskrit word for wheel. The energy centers, artistically most commonly shaped like lotus flowers, are thought to be spinning. In yogic and many non-western belief systems, there are many energy centers in the subtle body field that effect the flow and health of the physical body. The seven chakras along the spine are the main and, I think, the most powerful ones. They range from the "Muladhara (root) chakra" at the base of the spine to the "Sahasrara (crown) chakra" bursting out the top of the head. The "Anahata (heart) chakra" in the middle of the line up of the seven, balances instinct and intellect through compassion, love and healing. It seemed appropriate for Michael and I to paint the mural on the two days straddling the new year.
We couldn't be happier than to paint a wall on a symbolically last and first day. So we put the light (signifying the energy) in on the 31st of December and went in with the color on the 1st of January, today.

Personally, I love the "Vissudha (throat) chakra" and how it effects our choice, will power, and the right to speak and be heard. Problems with this chakra may manifest themselves in the thyroid and with our sense of hearing. Those are both areas where I have a history of family issues. I am going to work on my Vissudha chakra with both prayer and intention. It may help me to be a better teacher.

Michael and I still have to add the lotus petals, (in gold!), but the mural feels almost done.
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