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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The briefest of things

It's a poem, a doodle, and a book for Ben, who just finished his third round of Chemotherapy!

Some things pass too fast... like the night blooming jasmine fragrance that eludes my sense of location. And it seems to be a tiny flowering plant, very inconspicuous by day. Can Ben still smell after so much medical intervention?

The parakeets alert me to the sunrise as they fly by... Maybe they are like the honking yellow cabs in the city... and as weather temps have dropped, I have briefly donned a pair of socks. I think Ben has to stay way more bundled up, scarves, hats, gloves and big big jackets. Things will get better for him. This is today...

when yesterday I recall that babies are rarely contented to stay babies. There is such a rush to grow, to grow up, to grow out, to move past the brief moment of youth. It has taken me half a century to realize that we only have the present. We get older but may never lose the youth inside us. It is just too bad we didn't relish every moment as we had them.

                                                                   Brief passages...
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