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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bibiana Matheis at Hammond Museum

A beautiful show up through August in North Salem CT. Bibi curated it, and has included three other Chinese artists. She has included photographs from her fantastic birdcage series in it as well. On the day we toured the show she had just heard the news that she has been awarded this years Individual Artist Executive arts award (from the county legislators of Dutchess County)!!!! The ceremony is in October. I am so proud of her as she has been a long time sweet friend, source of inspiration, and sustaining spirit. Her eye is impeccable, her heart is generous, and her mind is wealthy! I own two of her photographs and they continue to give me joy over the years every time I see them.
Bibiana joins these other artists as past recipients: INDIVIDUAL ARTIST
Blanca Uribe, 1986, Lewis Rubenstein, 1987, Martin & Alice Provensen, 1988, Richard Wilson, 1989, Todd Crow, 1990, Meyer Kupferman, 1991, Nancy Willard, 1992, Elayne Seaman, 1993
Randall Craig Fleischer, 1995, C. Gina Peluse, 1996, Vivian Gaines Tanner Paxton, 1997
Katharine Ryan Aldrich, 1998, Bill Keith, 1999, Nancy Sans, 2000, Father Charlie Coen, 2001, Rodney K. Douglas, 2002, Kantham Chatlapalli, 2003, James Ransome, 2004, Betsy Jacaruso, 2005, Madeleine Segall-Marx, 2006, Natalie Merchant, 2007, Wilfredo Morel, 2008, Joseph Bertolozzi, 2009, Liza Donnelly & Michael Maslin, 2010, Margaret Crenson (posthumously)2011, Billy Name, 2012, and Kathleen Beckmann, 2013  Hurrah for Dutchess County!!!!
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