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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Feet feats on a day in the art world.

My feet held me up today, all day, as I strode through artist studios, satellite fairs, galleries, and even a high-end late night pop-up fashion party around Basel.

large spaces of the Mana Miami Fair

Box of chocolates at ArtMiami fair

There was so much to see- lots of humor and wit. Truly, seeing all the artwork on the streets and in the warehouses and under the tents and in the stores was like indulging in a great box of chocolates. It's everywhere and it feels inspired. I enjoyed seeing Alexander Calder's work everywhere too... he must be this year's darling.

There is such a playfulness to his approach to art. I want to be like him. I am so glad I got the day off of work to see everything... it filled my well and my notebook with ideas and people to dream about.

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