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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The blue Orb project #livinglegacy

Found a blue orb stuck in a chain link fence along a side street and followed the instructions only to find myself at this pedestal with this question asked of me: "How do you hope to be remembered?"
That stopped me for the moment... am I even ready to be "remembered?"...
I hope not to become a tale with a moral (such as , "don't do what Tilly did, because..."). And the fact that I hope to leave my two sons behind me, I guess I would hope to be the small voice in their heads, nudging them to do what is right. I hope they would remember to be kind, and think of others, but take care of themselves and be smart. I worry all the time about them. Motherhood has been the most awesome role I have ever had. It is more compellingly fulfilling, frustrating and constantly educating to be a mother over being an artist, a sister, or a friend, a teacher or a lover... it's wild terrain when I'm a mother.
I think the orbs are getting to me! Kudos to #livinglegacy from NY to try to stop us for a moment and
reminding me to call the kids, tomorrow.
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