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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Middle Schoolers bowl me over

I'm just loving my small class of young artists. We went from studying the ellipses and drawing a still life to actually creating bowls. The idea came from my Pinterest browsing. I would be content to stay on the page, but the nature of these kids and of the class calls for some three dimensional work.

Coach Roberts was willing to loan us a bag of basket and volley balls. I let the kids go outside and throw them around for 15 minutes to get that impulse out of their system. (My pet peeve is anything flying through the air in the art room). Once they had settled- we took fabric strips and watered down glue and layered them against the surface of the balls. Of course, we had protected the surface of the balls with plastic wrap. They had to pay attention to how the fabric first layered would be "inside", and that another layer, the last final layer would be the "outside". After two days of layering, the students eagerly eased and pried the new bowls off the surface of the balls. Look at their fabulous bowls.

This kid formed a football!
 See still life drawings on the back wall?
Great job!!!
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