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Sunday, March 15, 2015

My own art centers

I was able to spend 7 and a half hours in my studio yesterday. I went in there with no idea what to do, and came out with my feet back under me. Once again I learned that it is very important to show up.
studio painting wall shot
 Just straightening up and sharing with Michael my latest paintings, I was made aware of changes that needed to be worked through. I repainted two of the large heads of my son. Then I worked on a large rib cage... putting my boys inside instead of my heart or my lungs.
There is so much worry I can place safely into the art, and cleanse myself so that I can be open to the gifts of God. By painting it out, I make time to completely wallow, and then, most importantly, I let it go. This painting was so illustrative I just had to add the words.
Whispers and Islands (he's getting better)

Healing touch re-worked

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