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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Field work in Miami

I'm participating in an exciting and stimulating program through the ArtCenter/ South Florida, on Lincoln Road. It's a forum of two parts... the first where we present one work each week and have the other participants respond to it. The second part, which is much more interesting to me, is where each of us spend 5-8 minutes observing and feeling the works of other participants. The instructions are to make notes of what we see and what we feel. This does not include critique or explanations. So often my mind wants to place things in context and "understand". Also, I notice many of my artist friends are big on critiquing, as if their insights if acted upon, would tidy up the world.  Not doing that calls for a more accepting stance. You accept that each artist is presenting a work, a statement, a soul song...and you work from that point.

The Field Miami ArtCenter/South Florida presents the Fieldwork Workshop, a unique forum for artists to share developing creative works and exchange feedback, peer to peer. The FieldWork structure reveals how each piece is perceived by others and fosters a detailed information exchange. Incisive and stimulating critiques are guided by an experienced facilitator. Comments focus on what’s happening in the work and how each choice shapes the work, keeping the authorship of the artist constantly supported. FieldWork cultivates insight into composition and strengthens one’s ability to give critical commentary.
This 8-week workshop facilitated by Oscar Fuentes will culminate in an informal showing open to the public.
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