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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Back to my sister's kitchen

My sister is one of the best cooks I know of. I noticed this even when we were quite young. She always had a knack of throwing together a great tasting meal, starting with the chopping of garlic, while keeping up the conversation and piping in some great musical sound tracks. In this, her latest, kitchen she has a large fireplace that radiates heat and scent through out the house. (In fact, the fresh picked herbs she doesn't use end up going into the fire).
Each time we get together, I try to learn a little more from her. She gave me this beautiful apron and in it I feel like Martha Stewart... ready to swing my wooden spoon and deliver a delectable feast for twenty!

 In fact she often serves an army (of artists). Her table is a welcoming easy place filled with treats and conversations. She has the gift of throwing strangers together and having us all enthralled to the point we lose track of time and find we are all family!

It is pure alchemy at my sister's table.

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