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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

To the Fort of Buoux

 One of the most historic sites in the Luberon Valley was a good mornings hike for us.
view from Mid Paleolithic cave to the watchtower of the religious wars

homes carved into the rock, with drainage and "sinks" along the wall

love the warning sign

Rock walls everywhere
Hard to believe you can climb from a prehistoric neolithic cave home, through a bronze age burial ground, to ancient village ruins and medieval bastions, XIIIth century church to Gallo Roman watch towers in a morning's stroll! The amazing site at the top of the hill attests to the ingenuity and the desperation of the protestants fleeing the papal armies during the religious wars. Some of the stories of slaughter rival what we hear today with ISIS.
Europe has such a larger time picture than our United states does. It is a great place to get old in because age is all around and it is honored. There are clubs in several villages today that you have to be at least 80 years old to join. And they have a waiting list! I'm pushing my mom to try one out.
more info on the fort
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