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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Group abstraction

Started all my new painting classes this week. We are working with long, long, long handled brushes, ink, tempera, and only the basic elements of art.
 Give me a line! A circle! How about twelve dots?...etc...
Mattias work, upside down
Then the greatest challenge of my teaching that day was to hug the excitement back into a workable state of mind. I needed the kids to calm a frenzy and pull back for reflection. In a bit of silence and giggles, I ask them to listen to the voices of suggestion in our intuitive minds. What needs to be done to pull the whole work together? (Filled in some white shapes)
Always glad to part with art tips, I told them about the rule of thirds and finding the "sweet spot". Now when they work on their own smaller individual pieces, they know just where to add the bit of color.
                                             Artists should be masters at moving and holding the eye of the viewer!
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