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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Art Fusion

Miami prepares for Art Basel and it starts tonight with lots of "hoopla"! It is a time of circus-like parties, tents, bubbly drinks and old friends wanting to sleep on the couch. Every evening there are two or three enticing invitations and still we must ignore all the brunches, lunches and performances that happen while we are at our day job. To be an artist in Miami and stay home is either an act of defiance or delusional (I have done both)... but it is impossible to ignore the opportunities that all this art and all these art lovers bring into our town for one week. There is so much to see, to listen to, to feel and experience. It's an art fusion happening. The air literally flickers with idea sparks.
 Even the buildings along south beach swish and sway to the music.
 Lights at dusk dress a champagne landscape. Miami never looked better!
detail from one of my embroidered paintings
Our ears are on the pulse, and we hope to be inspired. The trick is to not go broke and to get as many free or discounted passes as possible. On Saturday as part of [Art Fusion] from 1-5pm I will be Live Painting in booth 101 in the Spectrum fair, near midtown. If you need a pass, shoot me an email (

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