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Monday, November 20, 2006

A Little dirty laundry

Thank you for the nice comments. I have been struggling to keep up the daily painting. This is painting #80 and I haven't yet missed a day! It is a special challenge to keep up the painting while traveling and not feeling well and...nothing, NOTHING, has been harder than coming home! Wow! (Where's mom?) Nine pm and, full of roast beef and butternut squash, I painted this as a portrait of the last load. Four Italian males, aged 11 to 80, and an overly enthusiastic pug are looking tidy and content. There were loads (all my sons clothes from school) of damp, mixed origin laundry, no food at all except what was open on the counters, not a clean dish or fork, blinking phone messages and piles of unopened mail. I am exhausted.
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