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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November 15th, 2006

I woke with a headache, and my eyes swimming in the Florida sunshine. The trees outside the bedroom are loaded with soft moving grey blue clumps of moss. On further inspection I saw, in addition to the waving cloaks, small nests swirling in the junctures of the limbs. Reminded me of home. I like the fact that this is a living nest...still growing. Isn't that what a home should be? These last few paintings have been more experimental than my farm animals. The nature of the subject allows me to play with washes, scumbles, scratches, and splatters. This is painting number 76! I haven't missed a day since Labor Day. To see all the previous works go to my website I am offering opportunities to buy my work off of eBay. There is a link on my website. My cows are still at auction. The nests will be placed there shortly. thanks you for looking!
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