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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Antler study

This is 4.5 x 7.5 inches- sewn paper scraps painted with an antler image in acrylic paint. Lots of random stitching, and end of brush scratching. The work is smaller than I want to be working. There just doesn't seem to be space to work as big as I'd like. The bedroom ironing board corner is just too cluttered, poorly lit, and precious. With temperatures in the teens the barn studio might as well be in Alaska.
I have been scouting out temporary heated studio space in to rent, and though I have found a few spots- nothing is really affordable. I can probably raise the money from sales to pay the higher rent- but I hesitate to divert my goal from strengthening my brush skills. January and February seem the perfect months to divert my attention inward rather than outward. I feel like hibernating in a cave until spring. In fact I have just been given an awesome antler horn paintbrush and it is the perfect tool to paint the winter away. It is so beautiful it might just become the subject as well as the method behind the next series of paintings.
So this evening I set up a corner of the basement- which used to be my studio and is now full of motorcycles and skateboard ramps. But there is one corner that- with a hanging florescent light to boost the ceiling lights- I am possibly seeing my space for the next two months. The work will be intimate.
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