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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Empty Nest 2

24 X 18 INCHES

I have spent too much time tonight moving furniture to be able to wax eloquent on anything. Forgive me.
I feel like there has to be something more, and so I guess, contrary to the image I painted, I will stick around.

I have been painting a lot and yet my camera is acting funny. The battery dies or the cable doesn't connect properly or it just wigs out so that documenting and uploading images is a flesh biting chore.

On a better note. I am remiss on getting the word out. Need to send out a newsletter to share all that is going on in the studio. Today I had a guest artist, M.Gellatley, teach a two hour workshop at my studio on trompe l'oeul. He simplified the goals and explained the three steps to making a convincing and playful illusions on a flat surface. I did a small painting and though I am not at all close to happy with my skill level, (and I am still working in monochromatic orange range) I look forward to another Sunday Painter's Tricks session next week. 10-12am $50, all levels and ages welcome. Snacks included. Please email to register. Next we will explore our "shadow sides"!
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