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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Indian Rock School Community Picnic

What a wonderful, almost dry day it was for the whole community to get out and get together! The after-school boys club were busy signing copies of their book, A Year in the Life. The bunch of them, full of laughter and stories, lent a mischievous and historic (of course) air to the morning. Nancy Offenhauser, another local celebrity,  was signing copies of her memoir, Healing Cancer Peacefully... a must read if you have, or know anybody with, cancer. My walkway flag project got a real boost from participants young, old, and in between! After a couple hours almost all the flags are finished. What was nice was that some of the participants said they had no artistic talent and yet were willing to try and pleased with the results! I missed the pie baking contest and the kids games and Abe Lincoln's birthday cake.
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