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Thursday, September 10, 2009


The tools of my creativity today took the forms of lawn tractor, push mower, and weed whipper! "I mowed the lawn today". It had been a freaking fear of mine to figure out which oil/ gas can went to which machine, and how to turn them on, and then, how to stop! But with my father-in-law visiting I was able to get him to focus and brainstorm which can contained which fluid, and then explain to me the mechanics of each machine.
Initially I was going to ignore the lawn because I have really always been a fan of meadows and held the energy consumption of weekly lawn mowing in total disdain.  I tried to move my chickens across the lawn as fast as it would grow, but I couldn't. And then I noticed the grass growing tall enough it started to tilt over. With the coming of cool weather and colorful trees, I know that leaves will soon be ensnared and tangled in the shoots and it makes an awful mess to mow or rake through. So I threw on sneakers and threw back my shoulders and just did it!
No one ever told me about the feeling you get looking back and seeing your path cut clean through the wilderness. When else do we ever get to see progress against time? And no one prepared me for the thrill of weed whipping juicy jungles down to the bone of rock! It was therapeutic and thrilling. I feel totally empowered. Afterwards I washed the car, checked the fluids, and drove her to a car lot to shmooze with a salesman. I feel on top of the world.
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