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Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 goals

Seeing these in writing will only help. I have been carrying two sheets of paper for a week or more. I have even been helping other people figure out their goals. I keep thinking that I may have forgotten something and feel afraid to commit myself! I want them, over all, to be realistic and healthy.
My first goal is to stay optimistic (and I have a whole spread sheet of strategies for doing that). I need to balance my increased alone time with social events, friends, and monthly travel opportunities.
In the studio I am going to paint fewer paintings- much larger- and possibly exhibit less. AND I am going to paint smaller and faster and try 6 months (five left) of eBay sales.
I want to make $60,000 (hey, why not?) and improve my networking through both snail mail and email. Do I revisit Twitter?
Also, I will take advantage of the invitation to write for the local paper about art events that I attend. I plan on being a more active member of the Dutchess County Arts Council. I will continue to develop programs for the local Indian Rock School and help organize the annual Arteast studio tour. I will NOT volunteer to do more.
I am going to apply to at least 6 residency programs just to keep my statement up to date and polished, search and apply for lucky money grants, dust my teaching resume and try to get a full time job in the fall.

On a personal note, I think there is a strong possibility I am going to get a legal separation from my husband, travel with my youngest son to Europe and be forced to move before the end of this summer.

here goes!!!!
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