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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Auction works


These two cup on map paintings are for sale this week on eBay. Search for me by name (Tilly Strauss)
Working on my 2010 goals and hoping they are realistic. This is what I have come up with so far:
I am going to continue putting older, and some small new, works on eBay every week for the next five months. This keeps me working daily, and also clears some of the cobwebs. At the same time I am raising all my prices substantially and expecting my new work to be in larger scale and less prolific. The low prices have been unsustainable for me, and my new circumstances mean I need to support myself. The private small group art lessons in my studio on the weekends (starting January 23rd) are helpful and inspiring for me. I will be looking into renting my house this fall and moving to a smaller place, as well as looking for a full time teaching job. If you know of anything possible please share the information with me. I am willing to relocate, move into a dorm, consider anything within an hours driving distance of my family farm in Dutchess County. As I look over my list of things to consider this new year, I am thankful for my good health and my sons. I have scheduled time each month to visit one of them and also to get some rest. My sister Suzy bought me a car air fresher that says- "Keep me from volunteering again". It is a nice reminder of the limits to sanity.
Please take advantage of the good deals I am offering on eBay as well as the time to look at your own life and establish measures to protect your own space in this wild world.
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