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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mother hen with her chicks House

I am thinking of asking $150 for this...

My mother arrives today with three of my sister's children. I have been sweeping, sorting, and stocking the house for their arrival. This wooden birdhouse, nine inches tall and about seven inches across, was just finished last night! It has six sides to it and I think the mother hen who covers three sides and is siloueted against an egg-like-moon, shelters the three chicks (along the other three backsides) with dramatic flair. This is really in honor of my houseguests.
I will be teaching all week and might not have time to paint and post work...
Mondays' lesson will be on composition and the way to draw hands in art. I will try to post pictures as I find time.
Have a great week- enjoy your circle of friends and family if you can.
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