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Friday, July 2, 2010

Thank God for Therapy

Life as we know it is a roller coaster and sometimes the only retreat we get is an hour session "on the couch". My mother got us all started when we were absorbing the effects of her own life choices. She made us go. Sometimes I really resented it and I just spaced out, played bored games or told fantastic stories... but when HER therapist told her as long as I kept painting, no matter how disturbing and fearful the images made her, I would be alright, I just fell into it with more acceptance. Now I check in once or twice a month to see that my cart is still on the track. I have the same issues I always had, but they are more manageable with a friend/professional to talk them over.
I wouldn't have gotten to this point, almost, almost guilt-free and strong, without help.
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