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Monday, March 21, 2011

Caged bird

There is an aborigine saying: a house is a great thing, you can lock it up and leave it anytime you want.
Ah..the winter to spring restlessness! I split my focus between the actual domestic realm and outside my comfort zone. If there is a comfort zone!
Paintings though, do sprout from one source and, for me, they reveal signs of another.
When I painted this my son was packing to go back to his father's and I was filled with a primal urge to hold him tight, squeeze him into a small space, perhaps a cage in my arms, and keep him there forever... Why do children have to grow up? Why do I?
I have to deal with responsibilities, trivia, such as water damage, driveway maintenance, roof weakness, yard clean-up and also initiate my job search in a wider geographic area.
This block of wood is wrapped, collaged, and painted with found papers. 4x 5.5x 1.5 inches
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