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Monday, July 25, 2011

"Pack" is not just a four letter word

You can't cross "Pack" the list even if you've worked at it all weekend... because there is still more... and so the list looks practically the same as it did Friday night!
There is something wherevcr you look that needs to be wrapped, or fixed or cleaned. I'm so sore all over.
With the help of my friends, ( the amazing Michael, sweet Sue, calm Rosemary, handy Kevin, chicken-man Mark, Diva Leesah, infamous Ben G, best friend Krisse and of course, my dad), we've moved the house much closer to being ready to rent and me, much closer to Miami. The kitchen is down to plastic forks, the laundry room is bare, the dining room is manageable, the boy's bedrooms are DONE. There is a plan to deal with the car, the yard looks great...BUT the list stays long and I'm not ready to hand over the keys.
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