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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The art scene

Here, there and everywhere.

This weekend entailed seeing lots and lots of art. I enjoyed two nights of "art walks"- parties hosted at multiple open studios in two different warehouse districts. One, on Friday night with food trucks and outdoor band jams, in a relatively new area called the Falls and the other, on Saturday, lit with torches, established on Bird Road. There was some humor to both evenings, and some serious art, and lots of dark space to walk through. Surrealism and spray painted geometric abstractions seem the rage. People seemed happy and whole families were participating (whether the kids felt like it or not), but I felt a lack of sophistication to the system. Instantly, I saw opportunities missed in promotion and building of an event. Perhaps this is about the artists utilizing space for 2nd career work and having some camaraderie with like minded folk? Were any sales happening? Were we entertained or entertainment? Inspired? A reason to clean up and get out?
The pictures are from MANO's studio. (Lots of artists go by one name in all caps.) He had a good crowd maybe because he hosted a group show. It was on the Mona Lisa theme... get it? Mano's Monas! And elsewhere Judith Behrman's corner showed serious study.
We followed the evenings with an afternoon visit to the Biscayne National Park where there was a watercolor botanical show that was interesting, mostly, as the ranger described the works, for it's process. The parks, through the South Florida Collections Management Center, invite artists to respond to their unique environment and then they coordinate an acquisition and interpretive educational exhibition for the public! Looks like there may be money there for artists- or at least a team LOOKING for the money. I still miss Amenia, and have yet to find where the Miami hype proves true.
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