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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celestial Body of mine

I wake up after all night dreams teaching clay class, and feel the weight of my body as I rise. An exercise mat lays on the floor in the spare room. I stagger there and plunk into downward dog , swoop shakily through the cobra, back (buttocks) up and repeat 10 times before relishing the child's pose. Each move stretches the muscles and joints of my body. I get aware of my breath.
I used to envy my little sister's yoga room, and now I sort of have one too! It's just a bit more cluttered than hers... you just have to make your way past the stacks of papers and art, and clothes laid on the desk and spare bed and nearby.

I feel my heart flutter and expand. I have been eating too much. I have been painting watery celestial shapes together, expanding, contracting and flowing by. Out of my element, these could be portraits of the way I move. It's all so new and strange.

On an aside: the salt sprinkled orbs... don't they look like colored potato chips? Just the thought makes me need to do 12 more sit ups!
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