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Saturday, September 24, 2011


In a habitat reclamation project spearheaded by Xavier Cortada, about two dozen students, teachers, and parents spent the morning gathering seedlings in the mangroves of Key Biscayne! We will transport them back to campus and nurture them to sprout so they can be replanted in another environment.
It was a beautiful day and I learned about the variety of Mangrove - the red, the black and the white, as well as the brilliance of metaphors associated with mangroves and our own role in society. It was nice to be outside of the classroom and yet with my students. I got to see another side of them, and to see what fires them up!
Afterwards, I stayed at Crandon Park and lay on the beach under a coconut tree. (I know more people are killed by coconuts than by sharks every year- so I was careful about picking a tree without hanging fruit). If it weren't for the airline jets coming in for landing at MIA I would have felt a hundred thousand miles away from everything.
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