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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Campus Tour through Florida's best

Clocking nearly 20 hours on the road since last Sunday, through thundershowers, brush fires and countless just-minutes-before car crashes, my son and I toured 5 schools in as many days! We compared the scent of the Gulf waves to the smell of the Atlantic breezes. We navigated city traffic to enjoy pizza in college villages and stroll by university pools. He imagined himself in the classrooms while I marveled at the man child beside me. It has been a good time.

So much of it is about standing in the moment before a big change, and having the resourcefulness to keep a sense of humor, gather wits, talk out a few dreams, and be flexible with conclusions. The car hours actually were for me the richest time of all... we chatted about politics, religion, our history, family, changing health, movies, new passions, and more. When we arrived at the campuses we appreciated the best they had to offer and compared notes. I am struck by how insightful and strong my little boy is! And I am impressed by the schools, both public and private, that Florida has to offer.

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