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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Seven Studio Packing Basics for Journaling your Vacation

1. A willing partner (helps to keep the drinks flowing, or to model, or to fill in pages as collaborator)
2. color pencils (I love Prismacolor brands... and bring a sharpener or a blade depending on TSA)
3. watercolors or gouache
4. cup of water or bottle top
5. glue sticks
6. paper and string, if not a bound sketchbook
7. a blade for slicing, dicing, collage and pencil sharpening...

Directions- start right away, while ordering your first beverage. Never know what you will see once you start to look!
No need to be picky about your subject matter, any detail, from the night sky to the glass in your hand will capture the flavor of your holiday.

Imagination and an appreciation for the detritus of any tours adds a bit of spice  to any journal. I found it relaxing and mischievous to tear holes, attach tickets, and add thought bubbles.

And Michael added pages... drawing some glorious sun goddess, and a view of our room as we caught the last night of Olympic couple skating on the television as the sun set.
Now that the holiday is over we have a keepsake to remind us of the fun times, the odd moments, and the fact that we really DID get away.

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