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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Repercussions of cultural exposure

Taking Michael to a Siempre Flamenco show was the equivalent of taking my sons to Cirque de Soleil. Usually, after an afternoon at the circus we could plan on making a trip to the E.R. for a broken bone, as Kent or Max would try to swing or jump or leap across distances that defied their training.
Last night the dancers at the Pinecrest Garden show hypnotized us with their stepping, stomping, their castanets, clapping, snapping, their wrist and arm movements, and the guitar wailing. I think the neighbors below us are in misery as Michael leaps and stomps across the floor, up half onto the coffee table and down. He can't climb the stairs without jumping crab like, and tapping both his feet in a heel toe rhythm. It takes forever and I feel neighbors coming to the door. He wants me to do the wailing and I would, if I could stop laughing.
Beware the hazards of inspiration.
Vicente Escudero- a famous flamenco dancer. Look at the shoes!!! Now where do I buy those tight high waist pants?
Ahhhh. Even I can get carried away. Inspiration. Siempre Flamenco. A great show.

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