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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chair with message

This small acrylic painting is done with OPEN GOlden acrylics- and so it has a glazing effect that captures a luminous light unlike regular acrylics. This is a test image so offered on ebay.
Sometimes we should just sit down...
BUT... there are those doing incredible work- read the Hopital Albert Schwietzer's (HAS) blog about earthquake relief in Haiti.
Very poignant and touching stories of patients and families in outlying regions of the country. My parents worked at HAS for many years when I was a child. My sister was born there. My heart goes there right now. I want so much to reach out and help, and nothing I do conveys the sincere investment I'd like to make. This is something I have to continue to think about. Does anyone have any idea? Does anyone feel the same way? What can we do?
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