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Saturday, May 26, 2012

63 ways to find Joy in pen and ink

After the big move to Miami last fall, I put away my datebook, dropped my list making habit, and started the uneven practice of staying in the current day. It is either because my life has simplified drastically, or because I have just emptied myself of my juices, but now when I make a list it contains 2 or 3 items for me to do, gather, search out in the next few minutes.
when the word prompt for my 26th of 30 paintings was "list", I felt stumped for days. My students gave me all sorts of good suggestions. Ideas I might have used in the past, like a collage of old lists, etc. But I had no lists! What a revelation.

Am I beyond list making?

Not completely.

Working in series is a painted visual list. And the series I am doing at school- the 30 word prompts, and at home, the 50 ways to find JOY, are visual lists. In this work I combine the two, making a list of 63 ways to find joy in pen and ink.
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